Online lecture 'Numerics for Partial Differential Equations'


October 12, 2020 - January 29, 2021

Weekly lecture materials and live lectures (180 minutes per week),
Weekly tutorials (90 minutes per week)


This course is devoted to the numerical solution of partial differential equations (PDEs). A PDE is a function of at least two independent variables in which both derivative information and function values may appear. PDEs play a very important role in continuum mechanics for modeling applications in physics, biology, chemistry, finance, mechanical/civil/environmental engineering. The focus in this course is on numerical modeling of PDEs, which allow us to discretize them for computer simulations. We discuss various discretization schemes, design of algorithms and their rigorous numerical analysis. Moreover, we discuss the numerical solution of the arising linear equation systems. This class is an important part of scientific computing eduction in which mathematical modeling, numerical methods, and computer implementations interact.


The course is held online by Prof. Dr. Thomas Wick at the University of Hannover in the (German) winter term 2020/21. It is offered both for students in Hannover as well as for students and docents in India and Peru. The lecture material will be in English, including a manuscript, work instructions and corresponding exercises each week. There will be live discussions offered by Prof. Wick as well as weekly tutorials offered by advanced students from the University of Hannover that will discuss the solution of the exercise sheets.

There are two possibilities to participate. The first one is an individual participation as capacity-building program. A certificate will be issued at the end for regular participation. The second possibility is that university docents embed this lecture into their own class, which means that both students and professors will have access to the lecture material and the students will be additionally guided by their docent.


More information can be found on the course website at the University of Hannover. For queries concerning the content and format of the course, please contact Prof. Thomas Wick.


The registration is closed. Please contact Prof. Thomas Wick for additional information.