Practical Information and Preparation for the school


The school will take place at the Universidad Nacional de San Antonio Abad del Cusco from September to 26 to 30. In the mornings, from 09:00 to 12:00 theoretical lectures on scientific computing will take place. In the afternoons, from 15:00 to 18:00 we have Python exercises.

Python Exercises

Python knowledge

The practical afternoon sessions require some knowledge on Python. We will not offer an introduction to Python. Instead, please prepare by consulting the online version of the Python Class that we organized in July 2022. The Python exercises will be based hereon.

Technical preparation

Please bring your own laptop. The exercises will take place in lecture rooms and we do not provide computers. We can not provide electricity for all laptops. Therefore come with fully loaded batteries and if you know that your computer does not last for two to three hours bring an extension cord.

The exercises will be solved in Python. Prepare your laptop with an installation of python before the school. We will not be able to support the installation and internet access might be limited at the venue of the school.

An easy option is the package Anaconda that is available for free for all common computer platforms and then use the same platform to install Pytorch. But if you just want to install the necessary packages for been able to work on the exercises of the school then follow the instructions bellow:

  • For installing Python on Windows (64bits) system we recommend downloading the Python 3.10 installer from the official website. The process is easy and straightforward. After that, just run the batch file windows-python3-packages-installation.bat which will install the Python package manager pip3 and from it the modules Numpy, Scipy, Matplotlib y Pytorch.
  • For installing Python on Linux (64bits) (Debian, Mint and Ubuntu) we recommend to execute in the terminal the script which will install the Python package manager pip3 and from it the modules Numpy, Scipy, Matplotlib y Pytorch.

Please check your Python installation with the following simple test programs. They should run without error messages or give you messages describing them. The exercises will rely on the Python packages numpy, matplotlib, scipy and (only on Friday) pytorch.